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September News

Dear Evergreen Families,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! We are excited to see our returning families and welcome our new families to our Evergreen Academy community. As a staff, we are looking forward to getting to know each and every child in our classrooms. September is a busy month filled with many happenings around the school. Be on the lookout for information about Curriculum Night and our Afterschool Enrichment program sign-ups.

Please join us on Thursday, September 26th from 6pm-7pm for our Curriculum Night. This will just be for our preschool and pre-k classes. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to hear your child’s teacher discuss his/her plans and expectations for the school year.

We would also like to remind all families about our sick policy. The purpose of our sick policy is to reduce the spread of illness among children and encourage full recuperation of sick children before they return to school. We depend on parents to assist us in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all of our children. We ask any sick child to stay home where he/she is most relaxed and comfortable. Children may be sent home if they have any specific symptoms listed below. In addition, a child must be free of all of these specified symptoms for at least 24 hours before he/she can return to school.

The symptoms are as follows:

  • A fever of 101 degrees or more
  • Vomiting within the previous 24 hour period
  • Diarrhea within the previous 24 hour period
  • A heavy nasal discharge indicative of infection
  • A constant cough or sore throat
  • A skin rash (excluding diaper rash)
  • Head Lice
  • Symptoms of a communicable disease

Following an illness, a child may return to school once he/she has either been seen by a doctor or it has been determined the illness is not contagious. (A doctor’s clearance may be requested.)


Akanksha Sims, Principal


5 Children’s Books that Celebrate Diversity

Books are a great way to enrich your child’s understanding and acceptance of diverse cultures. With this foundation in the preschool years, children have more social confidence and success in interacting with many different types of people as they progress through elementary school and beyond. Below are some age-appropriate options to read with your child at home.

1.     Ten Tiny Babies by Karen Katz (ages 0-2)

This colorful board book highlights ten ethnically diverse babies who have a ton of fun until they fall fast asleep in their beds. It’s a great book to introduce friendship, numbers and an appreciation for diversity.

2.     A Rainbow of Friends by P.K. Hallinan (ages 2-5)

Children can have friends of all different personalities, ethnic origins and abilities. You and your child will love reading this book that promotes multiculturalism, equality and acceptance.

3.     Happy In Our Skin by Fran Manushkin (ages 2-5)

This book captures children and their families of various racial backgrounds. It celebrates skin tones from cocoa brown to peaches and cream and distinguishing features including freckles and dimples.

4.     It’s Okay to be Different by Todd Parr (ages 3-5)

This popular story delivers the messages of acceptance, understanding and confidence. Your little one will enjoy looking at the brightly colored, silly illustrations as you flip through this book together.

5.     What I Like About Me! by Allia Zobel Nolan (ages 3-5)

From braces to eyeglasses, the characters acknowledge and embrace the attributes that make them special. Your little one will love opening the flaps, pulling the tabs and feeling the textures found in this book.

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