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November News

Dear Evergreen Families,

We hope your children enjoyed their fall lessons, pumpkin themed activities and classroom celebrations last month. Seeing our students in their Halloween costumes and fall attire is one of the highlights of the year for us. Thank you for allowing us to be part of these special occasions! This month we are focusing on gratitude and connecting with our community. As part of this focus we are busily preparing for our Holiday Giving campaign. This year we are partnering with Hopelink for a Giving Tree Gift Drive. Beginning November 25th, there will be a Christmas tree covered with tags with different gift suggestions, so that you can pick off which one you would like to shop for. Donations will be accepted through December 11th.

November is a busy time for our faculty as they prepare for parent/teacher conferences. These conferences are an essential component of our program as they provide both parties with the opportunity to discuss student academic progress, social and emotional growth and to set goals for the future. Parent/teacher conferences are so important that we alter our usual class schedule to accommodate them. Classes are cancelled for Preschool and Pre-k on November 27th to allow parents and teachers to meet. If you do need care this day, we will be sending out camp registration forms in Friday folders on November 8th. Camp will fill up fast as we have limited space. Our Early Preschool teachers will be conferencing on November 22nd and 25th.

I would like to remind you to dress your child in layers for the classroom and outdoor times. The temperatures have begun to drop, and morning outside time has been chilly. We go outside even in drizzly weather and would like every child to have a coat that is water proof and allows them to comfortably participate on the playground. If you would like to send rain boots with your child for those wet days, please feel free to do so.

I hope you have a chance to relax and enjoy some family time over the Thanksgiving holiday. Have a wonderful month!

Best Wishes,

Akanksha Sims, Principal



Fall Sensory Fun

Sensory play is a wonderful opportunity for children to explore textures, sights and scents of the fall season. Multisensory experiences help children retain information better, build new skills, and develop a lifelong love of learning. Below are three activities that you can try with your child this month.


1.     Explore the Inside of a Pumpkin

Cut off the top of a pumpkin and give it to your child. Encourage him to reach inside, get a little messy, and feel the slimy texture. Encourage fine motor and math skills by asking him to pick out and count the seeds.

2.     Create a Fall-Themed Sensory Bin

Take a nature walk with your child and collect leaves, pinecones, sticks and acorns. Encourage him to name and count each item. When you get home, fill a bin with rice or small pasta. Add in items found in nature, such as leaves, pinecones, sticks, and acorns. Give your child cups and spoons and encourage him to explore by scooping, digging, pouring and sorting.

3.     Give a Pumpkin a Bath

Fill a sink or large bin with water, bubble bath solution, and a few small pumpkins. Provide your child with a sponge or brush and ask him to help you give the pumpkins a bath. He’ll love dunking the pumpkins in the water and scrubbing them clean.



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