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March Principal Points of Interest

Dear Evergreen Academy Montessori Families,

February was a great month at our school! I want to thank you for your continued support this year. This has been a tremendous re-enrollment period. At this time, we have 95% of our eligible students returning next year! Being able to further your child’s learning each year provides all of us at Evergreen Academy a feeling of excitement and appreciation. Thank you.

We are having an All-School-Pajama-Day on Friday, March 5th. Classrooms will enjoy the day reading and enjoying literature throughout the day.

In anticipation of spring, our teachers are busy planning meaningful learning activities that will help students gain an appreciation for the changing seasons. To make the most of the next few months we will be spending extra time outdoors so our students can interact with nature. (Daylight Savings is March 14th!) However, please make sure your child still has weather appropriate outerwear for school each day. March through June still brings plenty of rain and cloudy days.

Primary Montessori Summer Camp planning has begun. We hope to be sharing more information with our families in April. Stay tuned!

Friendly reminder: Growing our school also brings in more students to check in each morning and check out each night. Arriving by 9:00 is very helpful in allowing our classrooms to start their day affectively as well as providing the administration time to begin our scheduled day. Keeping everyone healthy is critical right now, and we appreciate your patience during these processes.


Maia Janus
Blog Article March 2021

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