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Mr. Ryan Treadwell - Physical Education

personal             Welcome to Physical education with Mr. Treadwell

At Evergreen Academy since fall 2014

Education: I graduated from Central Washington University with a BA in physical education and health, with a minor in coaching. Before Central I got my AA from Bellevue community college.

Experience: I have been the Physical education teacher for Evergreen for the last three years. I was getting my degree from Central Washington University I spent two summers teaching in Guam and then student teaching for Juanita High school. I spent two year substitute teaching for the Lake Washington and Bellevue school districts from grades k-12. I have 14 years of experience coaching Basketball and started with being the head coach for 7th grade boys basketball coach for Kenmore Jr. High. I have training and skill development coaching in basketball, baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, tennis, bad mitten and pickle ball.

My Class: Physical educations has grown into a field that no longer only focuses on developing skills in sports, but one that creates a love for being active. The goal of physical education in elementary is to teach fundamental movement skills of running, skipping, galloping and leaping. It teaches all ages spacial awareness, hand-eye coordination, balance and depth perception. In my class I teach the students how to work together to achieve success and that failure is a stepping stone used to build towards success.

Passion/Interest: I love to be active and to be outside moving. I enjoy everything from weight lifting, bike riding, swimming, rock climbing, hiking, basketball, football and skiing. I love to teach and work with kids and it is what I am most passionate about. I am a big fan of comic books and movies when I am at home with the family.

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Classroom Notes

Students will need to wear tennis shoes to class on PE days. This is for student safety because if shoes don’t have a flexible sole the student is at risk for injury.


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Physical education standards

Physical education standards



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Evergreen Academy’s fundraising event!