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Only at Evergreen

We understand that parents have many choices for their child’s education. From other prestigious local private schools to top-notch area public schools the competition is fierce. So, what makes families choose Evergreen Academy and stay until their child graduates? The fact that so many great things can be found #OnlyatEvergreen. Let us tell you more.

What is Launch?

Every Monday morning, #OnlyatEvergreen, the entire student body gathers together to say the Pledge, share important updates for the day, and celebrate our students’ points of pride. Students also learn about the exciting projects happening in all other grades to get them excited for their next year at Evergreen. We call it Launch, because it helps us launch our day on the right foot. Each classroom in our school has the opportunity to lead Launch a few times each year. When it’s their turn to shine, the leading class will choose a topic related to our social-emotional curriculum and get their fellow students involved. They may create skits, songs, or even mini art shows to embody key social-emotional traits. Launch allows us to come together to celebrate what it truly means to be part of Evergreen.

Our Special Grade Level Projects

Kindergarten Kid Town

Kid Town is a way for kindergarteners to learn about jobs in their community. They take field trips to local establishments such as the fire station, grocery store, and pet store. Students then decide what they are passionate about and create their own stores, banks, and public service buildings right in the classroom. When the “town” is built, they staff the stores, earn their own money, and choose how to spend it, building their financial literacy. From fishing in the fishing pond to buying a pizza (pizza-scented Play-Doh), this student-driven experience helps children understand the basic functions of a society.

First Grade Penguin Study

Our first graders learn all there is to know about penguins! They start by packing their suitcases to “travel” to Antarctica by plane (complete with in-flight movie and snacks!) where they begin to understand the size of penguins, read and write penguin-focused stories, and even create a life-sized penguin.

3rd Grade trip to Mount St. Helens

The third grade unit of study on volcanoes culminates with a trip to Mount St. Helens. Students camp out as they learn the history of the local volcano and the events that led to its eruption, as well as the aftermath. They also chat with local ranchers and environmentalists to discover more about the local impacts and conservation efforts.

5th Grade BizTown

Hosted by Junior Achievement, BizTown builds on what our students learned in the kindergarten Kid Town and second grade farmer’s market units. Students use their own “credit cards” (including managing a credit limit and payments), learn the importance of voting and gain an understanding of the role banks and loans play in building a community. They’ll even participate in a mock job interview!From selecting appropriate attire to answering difficult questions, BizTown truly helps prepare students for life.

Farmer’s Market

The Evergreen Academy Elementary Farmer’s Market is a true student-led experience. Students visit local farmer’s markets – including the famous Pike Place – to understand how they are run and crucial elements needed for success. Students then organize their own market by planning and organizing vendors, securing space for the market, advertising the event in the community, and fully setting up and coordinating on the day of.

The entire school supports the second graders by contributing as vendors selling products based on their class’ unit of study. Some examples of businesses that contributed to the market include fresh eggs from the chicken coop (Kindergarten), bee houses (first grade), lavender soap (second grade), lemonade (third grade), coloring books focused on Washington state history (fourth  grade), and fidget mazes (fifth  grade). It’s a fun, hands-on experience to educate the students on the concept of sustainability.



Our Garden: Where Leaders Bloom

Our school garden supplements classroom learning, while also providing endless fun for our students!  Each classroom is responsible for maintaining their own bed in the garden. Kindergarten students grow wildflowers used for their note cards sold at the farmer’s market. Our first and second graders grow pollinator plants to correspond to their study of pollinators like bees and butterflies. Third graders focus on sustainability and plant perennials and herbs. Our fourth graders focus on Native American plants as they study Native American culture and the significance of the environment to their beliefs. In fifth grade, students learn about World War II and plant a “Victory Garden” of vegetables. In addition to our garden, we are also fortunate to have an on-site chicken coop which allows us to enjoy fresh eggs and provides hands-on learning about the life cycle of chickens.