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Specialty Classes

Technology & Coding

All students have the opportunity to learn about the exciting world of technology every week and experience computer coding for at least one trimester. With the help of the LEGO® Education WeDo software, students learn concepts such as algorithms and sequencing, debugging, functions, binary code, nested loops and conditionals, problem decomposition and much more.

light bulbGenius Hour

The fourth and fifth grade students at Evergreen Academy have Genius Hour in the Innovation Lab each week. During Genius Hour students are empowered to explore their own passions or solve a unique challenge.  They work from proposal, to design and presentation, under the support of a team of five educators.  This unique program allows for student creativity and innovative thinking.


Students are exposed to French through music, stories, games, pictures and cultural experiences. They get to practice their listening and speaking skills through interactive dialog and role-playing. They read grade level books and scholastic magazines in French. They increase their writing ability each year as they begin to express themselves, first through simple sentences, then paragraphs. As students gain repeated exposure and practice, they develop a practical use of the language.


The students have instruction in Spanish that includes immersion, repetition, storytelling, Total Physical Response (TPR), music, dance, role-play and gesturing. This is an interactive, performance-based model of language instruction. Students progress through listening, speaking, reading and writing in Spanish.


Evergreen’s music program starts in the early grades with vocal training in pitch matching, breath support, and echo songs using the solfege alphabet. We build musical repertoire by learning key melodies from western and eastern composers. We explore physical expression in rhythm and movement, and we grow performance confidence in our major winter production. With this firm foundation, the later grades continue to build musicianship in reading music and performing pieces on gateway musical instruments.


The drama program helps students gain the confidence necessary to excel as they go through their academic career.   We focus on communication, diction, volume, eye contact, expression of emotion, and storytelling. Although drama is a team sport, our small class sizes also allow each student the opportunity to have their own moment on stage.  Drama at Evergreen Academy is a unique experience for students to grow that will carry them through their learning.


At Evergreen Academy, art is an essential part of our academic curriculum and school life. Our comprehensive art program gives students an outlet to express themselves creatively, while developing an awareness, knowledge and appreciation of art. Over 600 pieces of our students’ art can be found on Artsonia, the largest online student art museum. Evergreen Academy has won numerous awards on Artsonia, and our art instructor, Jeanine Lipp, has received the Artsonia Leadership Award for two consecutive years. Ms. Lipp has also been asked to present at the 2015 National Art Education Association’s Annual Conference. Our curriculum includes:

  • Elements of visual art – line, shape, color, texture, pattern, value, form and composition
  • Principles of visual art – emphasis, variety, harmony, balance, movement and theme
  • Art appreciation – periods in art history, artists’ biographies, multicultural art and various styles of art
  • Media & techniques – oil pastels, chalk, drawing pencils, marking pens, paint, paper, fabric, clay, mixed media, textiles and more

Physical Education & Wellness

Our physical education and wellness program teaches sports skills, provides physical activity, and gives students tools for a healthy, active lifestyle. Students develop self confidence and a positive outlook toward physical education and wellness.