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March 13 News

Across the Campus Spotlights

Wax Museum
Second grade hosted a Wax Museum on Friday March 6th. Students read a biography of a famous person, wrote a report, created a timeline, and ultimately memorized a speech to present at the Museum. This was a beautifully integrated project and performances were amazing!

Penguin Parade
As a culmination of their penguin research project, our first graders staged a Penguin Parade today. To prepare for this event, our students “traveled” to Antarctica to collect, sort, and compare information about six different species of penguins. After learning about the height, weight, appearance, and habits of each penguin, students used some of the measuring skills they have developed to create life-size paper replicas of the penguins. The work in this unit included posing and solving story problems about penguins, studying the twos counting pattern based on pairs of penguins, cutting strings and gathering cans of food to match the heights and weight of the various penguins, and collecting, sorting and organizing data. This was a research journey our first grade students will not soon forget!

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