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Diana Ponce - Spanish

Meet your teacher: Ms. Diana Ponce 


At Evergreen Academy since 2014

Bachelor’s Degree in Community Psychology and a Minor in Education, University of Washington Bothell.

This is my sixth year teaching Spanish at Evergreen Academy.Prior to becoming a teacher, I devoted my time volunteering in local public schools. I helped tutor English Language Learners with reading and writing. I was also part of the after school programs where I helped students with their homework, and provided one-on-one personalized instruction based on student needs.

Passions & Interests:
I am first generation Chicana, “Mexican American.” I am a native Spanish speaker, because of my Latino background is where my love for culture and diversity comes from. Teaching foreign language is my passion because this is where I share my love for diversity, and the place where I embrace the differences of our world with my students. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, listening to music, and salsa dancing.


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Classroom Notes


Kindergarten: will learn songs and hear stories in Spanish. They will also be learning about Spanish speaking countries. This class is an “exposure” class to get them interested and curious about learning the language.

First Grade: Will begin with greetings, colors and numbers. Then we will review family and be able to talk about their family. They will also work on days of the week and months of the year and then be able to talk about people’s ages and birth dates. This year, they will focus on being able to write words in Spanish.

Second Grade: we will begin working on greetings, colors and numbers. Then they will be able to talk about their family as well as using house and school vocabulary. This year, we will continue with their writing skills as well as begin to read in Spanish.

Third Grade: We will begin with greetings, numbers and colors. Then we will be able to describe their family members using descriptive adjectives. They will then move on to food items. They will be able to order food from a restaurant, and then they will create their own menus. Third grade will continue with speaking and listening skills, and will focus more on reading and writing in Spanish.

Fourth Grade: Will continue with their reading and speaking skills by using the “Que Tal”magazine (a Scholastic magazine in Spanish). They will begin to learn more about grammar structure using adjective agreement to gender, as well as conjugating verbs. They will also learn about Spanish speaking countries around the world.

Fifth Grade: Will really move forward with their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in Spanish. They will use the “Que Tal” magazine to start discussions in Spanish. They will learn correct verb conjugation which will help broaden their ability to communicate in Spanish.

Looking forward to a fun year!


Ms. Diana Ponce


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http://www.uni.edu/becker/Spanish3.html “Best Spanish websites.”