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Ms. Rosemary Herold - Music

Education: B.A. Music Performance (Voice) & Theatre Arts, Benedictine College (Atchison, KS)

Experience: Company member at Brownville Village Repertory Theatre (Brownville, NE), 2017 season; music director, accompanist, performer, makeup designer, props team. Accompanist for Hazel Valley Elementary Choir (2017-18); extensive experience music directing, performing, choral and theatrical performance direction (Benedictine College, ’13-’17). Taught with Renton-based DramaKids (’17-’18), and piano for local and professor’s families at Benedictine.

Instruments: Piano (18 yrs), flute (12 yrs), piccolo (4 yrs), and voice (infinity) — and recorder, of course! I also play traditional Indian flute (always a work in progress) and compose musical theatre!

Passions/Interests: Marching band, drum majoring, musical theatre, opera, operetta, jazz, improvisation. Tap, running, keto/low-carb allergen-friendly baking, playwriting, absurdism, rollerskating, and more!

I’m extremely passionate about exploring music for and as performance, particularly by training the voice to be each student’s own, personal medium of joy, and freeing them to harness its amazing capabilities naturally by tapping into personal interpretation and expression. By using one’s voice to release tension, instead of creating more, singing becomes an amazingly cathartic de-stresser! Developing students’ knowledge of vocal and abdominal anatomy facilitates students seeing singing in a new, interactive light — as aerobic exercise requiring proper technique and care of the appropriate muscles (!) — rather than as yet another traditional, “sit-down”, academic class. To know is to be, and to do is to know! I’m a big fan of in-class discovery — that is, the students discovering their own potential through a carefully crafted class “revelations”.

While voice is my primary passion, I strive to foster the same sense of freedom, vitality, invention and integrity in students no matter what instrument we are using as our “medium”. Music is not only a magical mode (pun intended) of personal revelation, an expression of the inexpressible, and a tantalizing hobby; it is both art and science, and this duality — two sides of the coin, as it were — is what gives it such mesmerizing shape, breathable passion and unlimited possibilities.



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