Although there have been a multitude of changes and adaptations as we navigate over a year into the coronavirus pandemic, one topic has become ever clearer – the importance of educating our children! The most recent affirmation of this notion comes in the form of the American Rescue Plan Act, recently passed by the federal government, to tackle the financial burden resulting from the pandemic, which includes targeted assistance for families with young children.

Part of the new legislative relief package includes expanded coverage for child care expenses via federal Child Tax Credits and direct payments to families:

These difficult times have put enormous pressure on so many families. Throughout this past year, we are particularly proud of our continued dedication to helping our youngest students grow and learn on-site and in-person SAFELY for a majority of the pandemic period. Providing a safe, nurturing, and educational environment for children sets the foundation for a lifetime of learning, a journey that we have been determined to make possible through this unprecedented past year and that we look forward to facilitating for more families as the world steadily returns to normal.