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The Montessori active learning curriculum includes the following areas:

Math – Early skills include comparison of size and quantity, classification and linear progression. Later, students study arithmetic, algebra, geometry, logic and statistics.

Science – Children observe, gather information and solve problems. Botany, zoology, chemistry, physics, geology and astronomy are all introduced.

Cultural – Cultural studies include geography, history, art and music, along with respect for and understanding of different cultures and people.

Language – Children begin reading and writing using specially designed Montessori manipulatives. In the elementary years, there is a focus on composition, grammar, story writing and report writing.

Arts – Children develop an appreciation for the arts and learn creative self-expression through music, art, theatre and dance.

Sensorial – Montessori materials help children refine their senses. Developing pattern and shape recognition eventually builds math and science skills as the child progresses.

Practical Life – Children learn to dress themselves, tie their shoes and wash their hands, helping develop fine motor skills. Elementary years include community service.