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NLCI Schools Celebrate Earth Day 2014

Each year, students at Nobel Learning Communities, Inc.® schools celebrate Earth Day with ladybug releases, local park cleanups, plantings and more. Earth Day 2014 was the most exciting year yet with more than 60 events taking place across the country.

“On Earth Day, our students participate in hands-on activities that teach the importance of taking care of the environment and our planet,” said Patty Miller, Chief Operating Officer for Nobel Learning Communities, Inc. “The enthusiasm and excitement our students have for the day is infectious, as demonstrated by the wonderful ladybug releases, garden plantings and recycling drives. It’s a day of great fun and learning.”

The most popular Earth Day event at Nobel Learning schools was the ladybug release. Leading up to Earth Day, preschool students learned that ladybugs are beneficial to nature because they feed on insects that are harmful to gardens, trees and shrubs. This year, more than 55 Nobel Learning sister schools in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania released ladybugs.

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