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A young boy with a blue baseball cap and grey jacket walks through a wooded area with a stick in his hand. He is joined by a young girl in.a pink sweatsuit with pink bows on her ponytails.

The Value of Unstructured Time: Encouraging Creativity Beyond Screen Time

For busy parents, screens can conveniently keep children occupied, providing a much-needed break. At Evergreen Academy Montessori, we recognize that parents also need downtime to rejuvenate and manage their tasks. However, our primary focus remains on what is best for the child, which often involves finding a balance that meets…
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A baby in black and white striped pants and a red t-shirt leads on his stomach

Montessori Principles for Healthy Sleep Habits

Mention “sleep” to a parent with young children, and you’ll start a big discussion. Many times, desperate for sleep ourselves, we provide our children with sleeping aids (sound machines, swings, screens, etc.) and allow habits that may be doing a disservice to you both, as the primary issue of guiding…
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Eagle Montessori Teaching Academy Announces American Montessori Society Affiliation and MACTE Accreditation

If you recently joined us for our Virtual Parenting Talk on Supporting Montessori At Home, you likely heard us discuss our association with Eagle Montessori Teaching Academy. Eagle Montessori Teaching Academy (EMTA) was founded in 2022 by Spring Education Group to provide quality Montessori Early Childhood teacher education. While the…
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Montessori Education Week is February 25th – March 2nd

Celebrate the heart and soul of our educational philosophy during Montessori Education Week! From February 25th to March 2nd, Evergreen Academy Montessori will open its doors wider than ever, inviting you into our world. Montessori Education Week is a chance for both our dedicated parents and the broader community to…
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A young boy in a blue shirt holds a small brush and sweeps into a dustpan.

Supporting Your Child’s Independence At Home

Incorporating Montessori principles into your home environment can significantly enhance your child’s newfound independence, a notable transformation many parents observe as their toddlers and preschoolers embark on Montessori education. Here are practical ideas to support your child’s blossoming independence at home: Designated Storage Spaces: Set up simple storage spots near…
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