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Montessori Education Week is February 25th – March 2nd

Celebrate the heart and soul of our educational philosophy during Montessori Education Week! From February 25th to March 2nd, Evergreen Academy Montessori will open its doors wider than ever, inviting you into our world. Montessori Education Week is a chance for both our dedicated parents and the broader community to…
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A young boy in a blue shirt holds a small brush and sweeps into a dustpan.

Supporting Your Child’s Independence At Home

Incorporating Montessori principles into your home environment can significantly enhance your child’s newfound independence, a notable transformation many parents observe as their toddlers and preschoolers embark on Montessori education. Here are practical ideas to support your child’s blossoming independence at home: Designated Storage Spaces: Set up simple storage spots near…
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A girl with black hair and a pink shirt carefully threads a needle.

Cultivating Can-Do Attitudes: The Montessori Way to Independence

INDEPENDENCE. In Montessori, that’s a word we write in all caps—because it is that important. Independence matters—because being able to do things by yourself, without help from a parent or teacher hovering nearby, and knowing you can do it, is the foundation for earned confidence. Trying something, failing, learning from…
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Brightly colored map of Europe

Exploring the World: Geography at Evergreen Academy Montessori

Geography, taught right, is a beautiful way of stoking a child’s imagination. It’s an excellent opportunity for cross-disciplinary learning—for making art and practicing fine motor skills, for reading tied to content learning, for storytelling and report-writing. Geography can and should be fun—and at Evergreen Academy Montessori, it is! But unfortunately,…
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Nurture the Scientist Within Your Preschooler

In today’s ever-evolving educational landscape, fostering a love for science and inquiry among students is a top priority. While discussions often focus on older students and standardized testing, we firmly believe that the seeds of scientific curiosity are planted in preschool. Let’s explore how we can inspire and encourage the…
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